Our Energy Experts audit homes and businesses entire energy picture to determine how much energy is used, where it’s used, when it’s used, and energy costs to develop a unique “energy fingerprint.”

Once the Energy Fingerprint is identified, we provide a detailed analysis of specific strategies and costs that will reduce the customer’s energy fingerprint, help them become more sustainable, and save money.

EcoHouse Energy Experts utilizes proprietary rate analysis software, LED lighting, solar, HVAC, insulation, Green Technology, and energy saving consulting services.


How Can We Save On Our Energy Bill?

How much will I save if I switch to LED lighting?

What kinds of LED and which should I use?

Am I overpaying on my bill?

What is my energy hog?

What other opportunities are out there to save?

EcoHouse Energy Experts answers these questions and more. We look at your entire energy picture and develop your Energy Fingerprint. Everyone has one but they are all different!


EcoHouse Energy Savings

Smart Thermostats

Assisting customers in choosing, and implementing a plan that results up to 15% off of energy costs.

EcoSense Monitoring

24/7/365 monitoring of HVAC can keep your systems operating at 100% efficiency and potential to save you thousands.

LED Lighting

EH will perform a survey and give a snapshot of the cost to replace your lighting, how much you will save, and the amount of time to recover your investment.


EH will perform an analysis as to the best insulation plans, amount you will be projected to save and return on investment.

Additional Energy Saving Products




“Through our partnership with John and his team, we have improved our performance every year.”

- Kevin Boughner, Royal Cup