About EcoHouse Container Homes

Green. Sustainable. Efficient.

Made in America, EcoHouse Container Homes are built in Bryson City, North Carolina. Our homes are unique in nature, made from as much recycled or re-purposed material available.

Energy efficiency is one of our primary goals. Features such as open cell foam insulation, LED lights, and energy efficient appliances lead the way in our designs.

Design. Quality. Elegance.

These homes are quality built with quality finishes, and give an air of openness and being one with nature. Our design allows the home owner to transport these homes anywhere, from the city to the mountains. Made of steel and glass, maintenance is virtually nonexistent. Each EcoHouse Container Home is built with quality products.

Every detail of the unit, from the bedroom to the kitchen is balanced with space savings ideas while keeping functionality in mind.


We have one of the lowest cost to build of any home in the Tiny House category, much less one with energy efficiency in mind.